Our Mission

To compel the curious and challenge the committed to follow Jesus Christ with full devotion

Our Vission

To form a Christ-like community devoted to accomplishing Christ’s work in the world, by intriguing the curious to commit, inspiring the committed to grow, so that everyone invests in Christ’s mission. To accomplish this, we aim to develop an environment characterized by:

• Joyful and impacting worship that guides us toward God

• Biblical teaching and training that challenges and shapes us

• Authentic and nurturing relationships that draw us together

• Culturally relevant outreach that meets people where they are

• People who are prepared and mobilized for meaningful service community.

Our Values

• Our mission is to be accomplished with excellence.

• Inspired and anointed teaching is a catalyst for changing lives.

• Spiritual formation happens best in accountable and authentic relationships.

• Genuine devotion to Jesus Christ is demonstrated best by serving others with the spiritual gifts that God has given to each Christ-follower.

• Because lost people matter to God, it is imperative that we are intentionally sensitive to the questions and concerns of people who are unfamiliar with church.

• The church is called to expand through the evangelistic effort of its members.

• Sacrificial giving, joyful worship, and earnest prayer are expected activities of every Christ follower.

• God desires that our church be His instrument for demonstrating Christ’s love to all people.



  • Cultivate relationships with those who are unfamiliar with church.
  • Share our faith story with others and invite them to a have relationship with Christ.


  • Receive biblical instruction and offer God-honoring worship.
  • Pursue spiritual maturity and authentic Christian community.


  • Discover and employ our gifts, passions, and personality for the service of the church.
  • Pursue a course of whole-life stewardship.