About Us

North Hills launched its first service in March of 2002. The vision for North Hills came out of the hearts of four couples. From the beginning it has been our dream to create a community of faith that compels and challenges people to follow Jesus Christ with full devotion. We believe that Jesus was right about how life should be lived, and we long to carry on his work in the world.

North Hills is a non-denominational church that is open to people from all backgrounds. People who attend our church come from a variety of churched and unchurched experiences. Our worship services are designed to bring a fresh approach to the teachings of Jesus.

If you are someone who is curious about the teachings of Jesus and what it means to pursue a relationship with God; or someone who as been around church and has acknowledged Jesus as the leader and teacher of your life, we invite you to visit and participate with us.

  • Jim Mann

    Lead Pastor | Elder Board


    Elder Board

  • Michael Chavez

    Elder Board

  • Chris Hamilton

    Worship Tech

  • Jacob Fredricks

    Associate Pastor

  • Scott Laffin

    Youth Pastor

  • Wendy Hinkle Taquino

    Worship Director