There are a number of different resources that can assist you with the character formation process. Here are five recommended books:

The Spirit of the Disciplines
Dallas Willard
This book requires some effort to read but the insights are priceless. Willard primarily examines how our minds and bodies are transformed through practicing the “spiritual disciplines.”

The Renovation of the Heart
Dallas Willard
This book examines the good side and the bad side of the human heart and gives helpful advice for transforming it.

The Life You’ve Always Wanted
John Ortberg
As John states in his forward to this book, it’s “Dallas for Dummies.” John as taken the works of Dallas Willard and put them into everyday language.

Soul Feast
Majorie Thompson
Majorie offers a very practical framework for practicing the spiritual disciplines. She examines such exercises as prayer, spiritual reading, worship, fasting, self-examination, and hospitality.

Celebration of Discipline
Richard Foster
To borrow a quote from Foster’s book, “Everybody thinks about changing humanity, but nobody thinks about changing himself.” Foster sets out to show how spiritual practices such as serving, celebration, simplicity, worship, meditation, and study not only help to change our hearts but the world as well.